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YCCC Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow friendships and exhibit integrity among members utilizing the Corvette "signature of excellence" as our standard.  We consider ourselves stewards of enthusiasm for the Corvette through participation in car shows, parades, road trips and track performance events. The Club also believes that we have the moral responsibility to reach out to local community organizations through donations that assist those in need.

YCCC Calendar - June 2016 

Note: Some special events are months/years in the planning stage and may not be repeated. They often show up 1st in "Potential additions to the Calendar". Be alert, don't wait, as soon as they show up in the newsletter contact the chairman and get on his list. Often participation is limited and the event can sell out quickly. That why we say "if you snooze you lose".

30 Jun (Thurs) - 03 Jul (Sun), 2016 - Sahlen's Six Hours at the Glen - A number of us enjoyed this race in the rain last year. Great event for those who enjoy Corvette Racing the hospitality of a Corvette Coral. The club has not made specific plans, but no reason that members cannot make plans to go. Craig Holler can provide advice on obtaining a weekend package. Check out:

09 Jul 2016 - Saturday – York County Corvette Club Markets at Shrewsbury Show – All cars are welcome, tell your "car crazy friends" about this great show. This is an NCCC Six Sanction Fun Show for Corvettes and Fun show for “Other Cool Cars”. Registrations 8 – 10 am, awards @ 1:30 pm. Enjoy special cars and the Amish Crafts, Gifts, and Furniture and food that fill the shops at the Markets at Shrewsbury. For more information contact Dave Kosko at (443) 271-3715 , Steve Vrabel (717) 309-3511 or Tom Ranc at

Following the show some plan to move on to the Shrewsbury 4th of July Parade. Barb Boyer is working out details and will suggest a way to fill the gap between our show and the parade. Contact Barb Boyer for more info.

16 Jul 2016 - Saturday - Murder Mystery Dinner - Rich Miller has created another three course masterpiece. Mark your calendar. The 1st Act (Salad) will be held at the Walker's (starting at 11 am), the 2nd Act (Main Course) will be held at the Boyer's and the final Act (Dessert) at Rich and Donna Miller's. Here's a news story (Headline on Thursday morning in the Hometown USA Gazette) on the crime we will try to solve:


Dakota Triumph, owner of many vineyards, wineries, breweries, and distilleries and self made billionaire has been found dead in his winery on Wednesday morning by his personal assistant. It is not known if his death was from natural causes, an accident, or maybe murder. His death is being investigated by Corvette County sheriff Bentley Packard who is questioning suspects. The suspects are his wife Mercedes DeVille-Triumph, his pilot/chauffeur Henry J. Hudson, his personal assistant Opal Maserati, his master wine maker Kaiser Ford, Mercedes' personal assistant Belvedere Fraser, and one of his vineyard employees Nash Crosley. More information will be reported as the investigation continues and the coroner's report is available.

Cast of Characters to include George Trocki as the Narrator, Tom Ranc as Sheriff Packard, Norma Triplett as Mercedes Deville, Jeff Smith as Henry J. Hudson, Val Kosko as Opal Maseratti, Jeff Faust as Kaiser Ford, Peg Stauffer as Belvedere Frasier, and Becky Faust as Nashly.

21-23 Jul 2016 - Mecum Classic Car Auction - Harrisburg, YCCC not participating. A few of us will attend to enjoy the auction.

WOT Event - 5-7 Aug 2016 - Friday - Sunday Summit Point Main - PorscheFest - Tom and Ed Heindel attended the 2015 event and found it to be a fascinating experience. Touted as the premier Porsche event for the Porsche-Potomac club, this is another 3-day event that is a tremendous value for the dollar. The variety of different models of Porsches in attendance is amazing. Being a short 2 hours away, S-P has been run numerous times by several WOT members and all have found it to be fast paced and technically challenging despite its short 2-mile length. This is an excellent event for all classes of drivers. Questions - contact Tom Ranc.

13 Aug 2016 - Saturday Annual Pig Roast at Boyer's Farm - mark your calendar. There will be a charge of $10/non-member (for food and beverages) payable by July 8 Regular Meeting. Those members who plan to attend will be free but must sign-up. Sign-up sheets will be available. Activities include: 1) fishing derby (men versus women) 9 am to 11 am (women won last year), 2) Lunch @ 12 pm, 3) Pocono/Carlisle judging seminar @ 2 pm, 4) DJ – 4 pm to 7 pm, 5) Pig roast 4:30 pm till dark. Bring your Vette, a dessert to share and any adult beverage you choose. Price this year FREE if you sign up and show up.

25–28 Aug 2015 – Corvettes @ Carlisle (Seven (7) sanction) - NCCC Concours Showfield. 

Compete against the best Corvettes in the World and win cash prizes. 

Although, the NCCC showfield is not a new feature, after last year’s success  Seven (7) Sanctions are being offered again to NCCC members who compete in the event. The NCCC Concours Judged Showfield is limited to 175 Corvettes. Be sure to pre-register by calling our office at (717) 243-7855. Limited registration may be available at the event. NCCC Concours Judged Showfield Awards: 

Important Register online before July 25 at: ( and get a 10% discount from the $75 fee.

  • "Best of Show" - $500
  • "Best of Concours Prepared" - $100
  • "Best Modified" - $100
  • "Best Street Prepared" - $100
  • "Best Wash & Show" - $100
  • "Best Custom/Race prepared" - $100

     9, 10 and 11 Sep 2016 - Jets and Vettes on the Lex - This will be the last time this WWII carrier will be used for car shows because of elevator maintenance issues. The event will honor the 15th anniversary of 9/11. YCCC members attended this event in 2011 and 2013. Check out the pictures on our website. To us it was an event of a lifetime. I would think that there should be a dozen or so members who may be interested in such a trip. It's time to start thinking about it now. You will need to get registered starting 12:00am (Apr 1, 2016) when they accept registration. Choice hotels are fully booked. If you plan to go you need to book a hotel now. Your Vette will be on the carrier for two days and you will be walking. I am not sure if there will be any returning members. The Jones', the Boyer's, Mo Ranc and some others can give advice. Rod Beever will be coordinating this event. Let him know of your intent to go or if you have any questions, 755-2668 or  

18 Sep 2016 – Sunday – Boardwalk Show – Ocean City, NJ – A day at the Beach, pre-registration early is essential to get on the rooster. We normally stay Saturday night and come home Sunday night. You can register online at with either PayPal or credit cards. Check website for flyer.

06-09 Oct 2016 - Road Trip to Vermont and New Hampshire - Mike Boyer is hard at work developing a fall road trip. Details will follow. Stay alert.


Potential additions to Calendar

18 Aug 2018  - NCCC Annual Convention - Bowling Green, KY - Un Cancelled.